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Off The Wire is an award-winning bi-weekly student-run sketch comedy show at the University of Miami. I served as the show's executive producer from episode 149 to episode 165, and I hosted the show from episode 160 to episode 165.

An interview with Off the Wire’s new host, Tej Joshi

February 22, 2018

The new host of the University of Miami's late-night comedy sketch show, "Off the Wire", Tej Joshi makes his mark on UMTV's award winning show. 

Student EP Draws Big Crowd To “Off The Wire’s” Season Opener

February 12, 2018

CORAL GABLES- Donning a brightly colored t-shirt, hawaiian printed board shorts and sun bleached flip flops, University of Miami junior Tej Joshi makes his rounds through the School of Communication courtyard, warmly greeting everyone he sees with his signature smile and booming voice.

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Episodes 160-165

Off The Wire 165

In host Tej Joshi's final episode, Memory Champion Nelson Dellis wows with his memorizing skills, Tej relives some of his best jokes, and a new host is revealed. 

Off The Wire 164

Travel vlogger David Hoffman joins the OTW gang for a night full of hot sauce, origins stories and much more...

Off The Wire 163

The Off The Wire gang learns about sports bar specials, compares the size of different organs and learns the difference between real news and fake news from Emmy award-winning news anchor Antonio Mora.

Off The Wire 162

On this weeks edition of Off The Wire, host Tej Joshi sits down with former UM president Donna Shalala after her recent congressional bid, one writer is slimed, and a plethora of sketches are debuted.

Off The Wire 161

UM alum and former host of Nickelodeon's SlimeTime Live, Dave Aizer, joins host Tej Joshi and the rest of the Off The Wire gang for a night full of slime, matches, and bad Uber rides.

Off The Wire 160

Off the Wire host Tej Joshi's first episode behind the desk, the Off The Wire team learns pilates, the perils of artificial intelligence, and what not to name a baby.

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